A College Student’s Guide to Laramie’s Downtown Bars

It’s Friday night in our good ole small town of Laramie. What is there to do? Where do all the local college kids go to hang out and grab a drink? Many students think Laramie is boring because it doesn’t offer the big town amenities like that of Fort Collins does. Don’t fret much longer!Continue reading “A College Student’s Guide to Laramie’s Downtown Bars”

Officially Twitter

A mere three days after his official installment to the Oval Office, President Trump took the unconventional route of communicating with the people of the United States. Instead of hosting a press conference to answer the questions about his future presidency, President Trump took to Twitter.  Although his method of using Twitter is untraditional, itContinue reading “Officially Twitter”

Left to My Creative Devices

One of my first photos at the Williams Conservatory ended up being one of my favorites. Above is Creed a happy puppy owned by one of my classmates. In this photo, the dominant creative device is Rule of Thirds. You’ll notice that Creed is in the right most third. This makes for an aesthetically pleasingContinue reading “Left to My Creative Devices”

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