A College Student’s Guide to Laramie’s Downtown Bars

It’s Friday night in our good ole small town of Laramie. What is there to do? Where do all the local college kids go to hang out and grab a drink? Many students think Laramie is boring because it doesn’t offer the big town amenities like that of Fort Collins does.

Don’t fret much longer! Below there is an interactive map of all the popular bars, taverns, saloons, and watering holes in Laramie. Be sure to click on each pin for more information.

Front Street Tavern

Photo courtesy of Front Street Tavern tripadvisor.com

From amazing house-made cocktails to friendly service from bartenders, Front Street Tavern will not disappoint. Laramie Local, Danny Bradfield, says, “Front Street is a cool bar to hang out at because it is homey and has no TVs, so it forces you to talk to people.” Bradfield continues to say that wit the rise of technology, we often forget about human connection. This human connection is encouraged at Front Street because there are no TVs to stare at, you’re forced to talk to the people around you. Front Street is a college student favorite because they offer an experience like no other. Partaking in a shot ski on your 21st birthday is a right of passage around these parts. Beyond that, their specialty cocktails keep bringing students back for more fun in this small town tavern.

Buckhorn Bar & Parlor

Photo courtesy of visitlaramie.com

A historical landmark, the Buckhorn Bar & Parlor offers abundant Wyoming pride along with side drinks, dancing, and a dull moment. One tradition that sets the Buck apart from other establishments is their great Breakfast at the Buck event, which takes place the morning of every Wyoming home football game. Many students and locals alike stop by Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s before they make their way to the War Memorial field to support our Cowboys. Take one step inside and experience authentic western charm as the walls are covered in taxidermy and antique Wyoming decor. Being one of the oldest bars in Laramie, the Buck offers an old-time feel with modern dancing and drinks.

Crowbar & Grill

Photo courtesy of Crowbar & Grill tripadvisor.com

The Crowbar & Grill provides college students a variety of craft beer. Ranging from local brews to select seasonal favorites, any college student will find something to their liking. If you get hungry on your barhopping night, stop by the Crowbar to feast on their assortment of house-made pizza or their specialty Pad Thai Fries.

The Library Sports Grille & Brewery

Photo courtesy of foursquare.com

Just like their saying says, “Don’t lie to your mom, tell her you’re at the Library.” This bar caters to a college kid in their slogan. Danny Bradfield says the Library is a student favorite because it is a great sports bar that offers good house beers. So whether you’re catching the last quarter of the football game or looking for a place to quench some unique house beers, the Library will not disappoint.

3rd Street Bar & Grill

Photo courtesy of Facebook

Conveniently located right on 3rd Street and Grand, swing by 3rd Street Bar to try a Halo. Starting with Blue Moon beer, layered with vodka and orange juice, a Halo is an easy way to jump-start any night out with friends. Bradfield mentions how 3rd Street is small, so talking and having a good time with friends is easy to do at this bar. They have many booths and tables, so there is plenty of room to sit down and relax before hitting a dance floor at another bar downtown.

Roxie’s on Grand

Photo courtesy of onlyinyourstate.com

Once you’re done with your Halo at 3rd Street and you’re ready to dance the night away, stop by Roxie’s! Their first floor has a full-service bar so you can grab a drink before making your way upstairs to their DJ booth and dance floor on the third floor. Many local DJs take a spin at the turntables, which allows for a different set of music every time you go there. They also have a bar on the third floor for when you get parched dancing with your friends.

Laramie may look small and not have anything fun to do on a Saturday night, but clearly, that is not true. Laramie’s small-town offers bars that cater to those that may love the historic charm to those that want to dance the night away. Each offers something different that makes them unique and overall makes them favorites of current college students.

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