Her Greatest Accomplishment

Mackenna Peart, a University of Wyoming undergraduate student, holding a post card she brought back from her faculty led trip to Spain.
Raw file of my interview with Mackenna Peart
Two minute audio profile of Mackenna Peart

Interviewing someone with just the audio recorder was interesting. I think because I wasn’t writing a story, I wasn’t focused on points that stood out or trying to focus on time stamps of good quotes. I think that interviewing someone this way was more personal. I as able to focus on just Mackenna and what she was telling me. I found that I was paying attention to her story instead of focusing on the purpose of this assignment. I really enjoyed interviewing someone for just an audio profile.

The editing experience was frustrating. This was due to the fact that I have never worked with Audacity before so I was learning how to use the software while editing a piece. It took me a couple of tries before I got a cut that I was satisfied with. Now that I have used Audacity, I would use it again. Once I got over the user error problems, I found it to be an efficient way to edit audio.

Mackenna is actually on of my best friends so taking a picture of her was fun. She grabbed a post card that she brought back from her trip and we started taking pictures. The picture is just on the couch in a lounge so the background is a little boring but I think that it gives you a good idea of who Mackenna is and how important this trip truly meant to her.

I think what surprised me about this assignment is how much people will talk about something they love. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to interview Mackenna because of how passionate she is about her study abroad experience. I only had to ask her to tell me about her trip and she gave me five minutes of amazing content.

I wish that I would’ve left more room between some of her points. I didn’t give her any direction about leaving a pause between some of her points and that ultimately made editing a little harder. In my two minute cut, there are some points where you can tell I cut one part and added another.

I could see myself launching a podcasts in the future. I really love hearing people talk about what they’re passionate about. I think some of the best interviews are audio. I think that it allows the listener to imagine what the speaker is talking about in their head. This assignment has given me the basic skills to start a podcast.

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