These photos were taken at the University of Wyoming v. University of Nevada – Las Vegas football game on Saturday night. Visit the UW Football homepage here:

University of Wyoming students watch as the UW Football team takes on University of Nevada – Las Vegas. UW defeated UNLV.

Once a Cowboy, Always a Cowboy – this photo is of a group of students watching the football game. This was cool to shoot because I was able to focus on them and what they were doing. I decided to us this photo for non-sports feature photo because it was fun to shoot some students at the game. It was difficult to get this shot because everyone is moving or walking by which is why its slightly blurry.

University of Wyoming football player attempts to tackle a UNLV player at the game this past Saturday.

Football – Football is a lifestyle here in Laramie. I took this photo because the atmosphere at football games are like no other. I did learn that in fast paced environments like this, its hard to get a good shot. I think this photo really shows creation of depth. The students standing in the foreground and looking out to the game going on in the background shows that this isn’t a 2D background.

Alayna Poledna, a sophomore at UW, watches the UW football game this past Saturday night. The Cowboys beat UNLV in Laramie.

The World Needs More Cowboys – I met Alayna at the football game after I took this picture. We were watching the football game and she was reacting to something happening on the field. I am surprised that I was able to get such a good shot on an iPhone camera. It was easy to get this shot. She was really cool to photograph. The creative device is focus. Alayna is in focus and everything else behind her isn’t making her the focal point of the photo.

UW football player prepares to run the football down the field at the UW vs. UNLV football game on Saturday.

Run – We see the football player running with the football towards the other football players. The creative device here is viewpoint. The football player shows us what direction he is moving and the stadium seats in the background gives us context. Shooting motion is always hard and the fact hat it was taken on an iPhone makes it more difficult.

UW football players try to protect a player running the football in their game against UNLV on Saturday.

Protect – Football games are a big deal in Laramie and most of the community gets involved. The atmosphere is crazy and very energetic. Like I have previously stated, capturing movement is difficult. I did feel accomplished getting shots that I am proud of. This creative device is leading lines. The yard lines on the field draws the eyes to the field and the players. I think the lines really showcase the action in this shot.

What surprised me the most about this assignment was how well shooting on an iPhone can be. I found that even though I wasn’t shooting on a professional camera, I was still able to capture moments that I am proud of. For next time, I want to work on capturing motion a bit better. Most of my sports action shots are blurry because they are moving.

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